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Acupressure 5PC Kit

Acupressure 5PC Kit

GREAT FOR ACUPRESSURE BEGINNERS This Magnetic Acupressure Kit provides 2 Acupressure charts, (20)Gold Ear Pellets (6)Ear dot Magnets, and (10) Tsubo Ear Dots.



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Multi-Chart for Ear, Hand, & Foot Acupuncture and the Therapeutic Massage Hand and Foot Chart with Acu-meridian points for body massage. Portable 8.5" X 11" double sided charts.

The Multi-Chart for the Ear, Hand, and foot for Acupressure, and Acupuncture provide a view of the body part and name provided at the ear location! This acupressure chart also includes the back of the ear, the front and back of the hand and inside and outside of the foot. The Acupressure Massage Assist Chart is for complete Body from Head to toes. The is a great Hand, Foot, Head, and Body massage chart accommodating acupressure meridian points. Very Portable 8.5' X 11" For Reflexology Therapy

Tsubo Ear Dots 800 Gauss small acupressure magnets for the ear, hand, and body. These mini magnets can be used for acupressure point applications. Tsubo magnets can also be used anywhere on the body. The tsubo ear dots are a polished black magnet that is 2mm in diameter by .5mm in depth. The adhesive tape is .35" in diameter. (6) Applications

Gold Ear Pellets These are gold plated small acupressure mini magnet spheres for the ear, hand, and body. These mini-magnet spheres are excellent little magnets that provide great stimulation for acupressure application, and being gold plated they are Hypo-allergenic. The ear pellets are 1mm in diameter. The cloth adhesive is 5mm by 5mm. (20) Applications

Ear Dot Magnets 800 Gauss each. These mag dots have a raised bullet shaped magnets on a small cloth adhesive. These magnetic ear dots are great for acupressure points on the ear, face, and hand. Just peel of the back of this ear dot magnet and apply directly to an acupressure point, or any meridian. These ear magnets work great for the Shen Mein and other acupressure points of the ear. The ear dots are 2mm in length by 1mm in diameter. The cloth adhesive is 6mm by 6mm and tan in color. (10) Applications

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