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Options for using magnetic therapy and bracelets

Options for using magnetic therapy and bracelets

Magnets for Health

What is Magnetic Therapy?

 The power of magnetism fascinates people whenever they come in contact with it. Magnetic therapy is the practice of using various strength magnets on different parts of the body such as using a magnetic bracelet for the wrist and hand area to promote healing of different conditions. Magnetic therapy is one of the oldest methods of healing. Using magnets in different strengths is safe, non-invasive method of applying magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes. Neodymium magnets can be used anywhere on the body to treat different ailments. The American Medical Association has approved healing magnets to speed up the healing process of breaks, cracks and fractures. Clinical testing has found that magnetic mattress pads may improve the quality of sleep and overall well being without adverse side effects. If you are using your using spot magnets independently or with another treatment, magnetic therapy may be very effective for natural relief for muscular skeletal injuries and chronic conditions, making it an excellent choice for application for everyone. Magnetic therapy has a wide range of application because of its ability to influence the magnetic current in the system. It is always a regenerative holistic therapy, since our bodies are good conductors of magnetic energy.  We carry many different products such as magnetic bracelets to magnetic knee braces to help different ailments. RULE OF MAGNETS: Apply them where the pain is or points for acupressure therapy. Do you have a magnet that you don’t know which pole is north or which pole is south? A magnetic pole tester may be what you need.

How does it Work?

It is still in questions how magnetic therapy actually works. All physical and mental functions are controlled by electromagnetic fields produced by the movement of electro-chemicals (ions) within the body. When an injury occurs and tissue is damaged, positively charged ions move to the affected area, causing pain and swelling. In order for the healing to take place, the injured site must be restored to its natural negative electromagnetic charge. Pain and inflammatory-related electro-chemicals must be removed and oxygen and nutrients transferred to the area. The application of a magnetic field to an injured area helps restore the normal electromagnetic balance. By placing a neodymium magnet to the area that is effect the magnetic field relaxes capillary walls, as well as surrounding muscle and connective tissues, allowing for increase in blood flow. More oxygen and nutrients are transferred to the injury site, while pain and inflammatory-related electro-chemicals are more efficiently removed. The overall process restores the normal electromagnetic balance of the area, relieving pain and inflammation, and promoting accelerated healing. How long do you use magnetic therapy?  Each session treatment session depends on the nature of the problem. If you use stronger gauss strength magnets, results may be seen quicker because the magnet can penetrate deeper into the tissues.

Magnetic Bracelets and Necklaces

Magnetic bracelets and necklaces first became popular in Japan and made their way to the United States. Wearing a magnetic bracelet or magnetic necklace has become a decorative way to wear magnetic therapy without people knowing your using magnets. A study by Dr. Nakagawa a famous proponent of magnetic therapy, reported a decrease of neck and shoulder pain when a magnetic necklace is used. Many of our customers have had the same result as Dr. Nakagawa. We have many of our customers who will wear a magnetic bracelet for arthritis or carpal tunnel for pain. Magnetic therapy can be used for joint and should pain. We also have Neodymium jewelry, which is high-powered magnetic therapy. Our Neodymium Bracelets are high power magnets where we see many results from our customers. 

Magnetic Wraps and Support Products

We offer several types of magnetic wraps and magnetic support products. All of our magnetic back belts, magnetic knee supports, and magnetic wraps have magnet with the North (-) side of the magnet facing the skin. Each one of our products was created for specific ailments.  Head Products: Our magnetic headband is great for providing magnetic therapy if you suffer from headaches. Our magnetic eye mask or magnetic face mask is great for providing magnetic energy that may help line and wrinkles as we age. Products for legs: We have a wide range of magnetic therapy products for pain in the legs. Our magnetic knee support should be worn while playing any sport. If you hurt your ankle and want to speed up the healing our magnetic ankle wrap is for you. Back support Products: We have 3 different kind of magnetic back support products to choose from. Our high powered magnetic should support is great for the upper back and should pain. Arm Products: If you are having pain around your elbow or wrists we have many different products to choose from. Our magnetic elbow support is great because it will support the muscle in place. Our magnetic wrist wrap will support the mobility of the movement in the wrist.  If you have tennis elbow we have a magnetic tennis elbow support or magnetic elbow tube to support the tendon from rubbing. 

 Magnetic insoles

Many people will ignore pain in their feet until it becomes unbearable. Pain in your feet can lead to pressure on your back. This can happen because the body begins to compensate for the pain in the feet. Magnetic foot insoles are readily available on the market today. Our company offers four different types of magnetic insoles from dress shoes to magnetic insoles that replace the insole in your shoes.  Our most popular magnetic insole is our Power insole because it has N50 Neodymium magnets. Most people will purchase magnetic insoles because they stand on their feet all day or have plantar fasciitis, arthritis or other ailments. 

 Magnetizing Water

When water passes through a magnetic field, the hydrogen ions and dissolved minerals become charged in such a way that water is softened. If using a magnet on your pipes in your home you may experience less mineralization on the pipes. We offer many products that can magnetize water or other liquids, lotion and oils with a positive, negative and multi pole charges.