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Magnetic Earrings Solitaire CZ

Magnetic Earrings Solitaire CZ

The Benefits of Magnetic Therapy: The magnetic earring will provide a Magnetic field or magnetic energy produced by the earring back is conducted by the iron in our blood. The magnetic earring is thought to improve the oxygen and nutrient delivery to the tissues. 



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These beautiful magnetic cubic zirconia studs are perfect for everyday. No one has to know you are receiving magnetic therapy because the back is the magnet.Used to stimulate the acupressure point on each ear. The magnetic earrings is used to control appetite and cravings, and may also help with headaches, ear, neck, and jaw problems.

  • Cubic zirconia 
  • Square Stud
  • 6mm width
  • 2 hematite magnets
  • 800 Gauss rated Magnets
  • For Pierced Ears 


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