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Gold Glass Face Locket

Gold Glass Face Locket

This beautiful Floating Locket is 316L Stainless steel with Gold plating with sparkling crystals. The floating Locket fits 7-10 charms depending on the size of the charm. Each Locket is 30mm in diameter. You can customize your necklace to fit your lifestyle. You can choose from a verity of different charms. 



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 Make a statement with your floating locket. Our Floating locket is 316L stainless steel with clear crystals on the outside. The stainless Steel will not tarnish. The locket has magnets on the inside to keep the charms secure in the locket. The 30mm Locket can hold up 7 to 10 charms depending on the size of the charms. 

Closure: These lockets open and close seamlessly like a book. The magnetic closure makes our floating locket easy to open and switch out charms--though the magnet will ensure the locket stays closed whileit is being worn.

Size: Each locket is 30 mm -- slightly larger than a quarter. 

Chain: The chain is a stainless steel 20 inches in length with a 2” extension chain with gold plating.

Material: Silver lockets and chains - L316 Stainless Steel. Gold lockets and chains - 316 Stainless Steel plated with 18k gold (ion plating).

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