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Magnetic Ankle Bracelet

Magnetic Ankle Bracelet

Magnetic Ankle bracelet Chain has (10) 2500 gauss neodymium magnets. This magnetic ankle bracelet design is a chain link combined with Beautiful silver hearts with neodymium magnets. This magnetic anklet chain is 10.75 inches in total length, and is size adjustable using the lobster claw clasp to fit most ankles. This also can be worn as a bracelet!



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Our magnetic ankle bracelet is great for everyone. This magnetic anklet design is a chain link combined with powerful Neodymium magnets. This is a beautiful anklet with 10.75 inches in total length. This magnetic anklet is adjustable. This design is stylish yet providing magnetic therapy to the ankle and foot. This magnetic ankle bracelet can be worn for arthritis, inflammation around the foot and ankle.

  • Magnetic Ankles Bracelet Specs

  • 10 Neodymium Magnets
  • Magnets are epoxy coated
  • 2500 Gauss Strength per magnet
  • Negative side of the magnet will face the skin
  • Adjustable¬†

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