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Standard Magnetic Pillow Pad

Standard Magnetic Pillow Pad

The standard magnetic pad is (Multi-purpose magnetic pad) 14" wide x 19" long. (18) 3950 Gauss Magnets provides direct locational magnetic therapy. This magnetic pad can be used for the back legs, neck and head. Each Pad may come in various damask quilting.

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Warning: Last items in stock!


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Each Standard Multi-purpose pad is the finest quality magnetic pad made with the same quality and construction that our economy magnetic mattress pad and hand made in USA. This pad can be used everywhere! Each Pad may come in various damask quilting.

Magnetic Therapy Info:
The multi-purpose magnetic pad that you will be laying on creates a magnetic energy field of up to 10" provided by the 3/4 inch in diameter ceramic medical grade health magnets. Each magnet provides 3950 surface strength gauss rating for exceptional magnetic therapy. The magnets are attached to the settling foam by using our odorless/hypo-allergenic hot melt glue. The 3950 gauss rated magnets are placed in a unique grid pattern to bathe your entire body in a Bio north (-) magnetic energy field, to provide an excellent magnetic therapy while sleeping.
Multi Purpose Magnetic Pad's Construction:

  • Damask Fabric
  • Polyester Fiber
  • Settling Foam
  • Circular health grade magnets provide a very strong 3950 gauss surface strength health rated
  • Magnet size: 3/4” diameter by 1/4” thick
  • Magnet Count: (18)
  • Polyester Fiber
  • Bottom Fabric
  • Magnetic energy radiates up to 10 inches above the magnetic pad, providing magnetic therapy energy.
  • Pad thickness: one inch total pad thickness.

Multi Purpose Magnetic Pad Size:
Size: 14" height X 19" length X 1" thick


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