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Tungsten Magnetic Bracelet

Tungsten Magnetic Bracelet

The Benefits of Magnetic Therapy: Magnetic bracelet Tungsten may help relieve pain in your hands and wrist areas, also may help reduce inflammation, stiffness and circulation to your outer limbs. If you have Carpal Tunnel, arthritis, and Ganglion cord in your hand and wrist area you should consider a magnetic bracelet.  No warranty or refunds.

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Our Tungsten magnetic bracelet is ultra sleek unisex design. This magnetic bracelet tungsten features smooth lines with a polished mirrored finish. The magnetic tungsten bracelet is the hardest alloy metal on earth and is virtually indestructible and scratch proof under normal wear. Tungsten is two times as hard as steel and four times as hard as titanium. You can enjoy wearing your magnetic bracelet 24/7.

  • Tungsten Magnetic bracelet
  • 8 inches in length
  • 11mm wide
  • 20 magnets
  • 2500 gauss strength rating
  • Epoxy sealed magnets

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