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MPH 2500 Strength Back Belt

MPH 2500 Strength Back Belt

This is the most versatile Magnetic Back Belt ever made. This magnetic back support has two convertible magnetic Flex Pads. Flex Pad #1 has (8) 2500 Gauss strength magnets and is place in a pouch in the front, Flex Pad #2 has (16) 2500 gauss strength magnets and is placed in the pouch in the back.


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Magnetic Therapy's MPH Magnetic Back Belt can be used for more then just a magnetic back belt. This magnetic back support has 2 flex pads that can be used on other parts of your body. For example, this magnetic back belt you can remove the large flex pad from the back and us it by its self, or you can use the smaller flex pad around your leg or arm. Each flex pad is labeled "North" so you know what side of the magnet to place against the skin.

Magnetic Therapy: 
This magnetic back belt design provides magnetic therapy in the back area with (16) 2500 gauss magnets, and it also provides (8) 2500 gauss magnets in the front of the belt providing magnetic energy penetration from front to back.

Magnetic Therapy Construction

  • This magnetic back belt is approximately 6-inches wide.
  • Front pouch has small Flex Pad (16) 2500 gauss strength magnets  
  • Back Pouch has Large Flex Pad (8) 2500 gauss strength magnets
  • Provides magnetic back support
  • Material: Nylon/Neoprene
  • Each belt hold together by Velcro

  • Sizes:
  • Small 28.5"-35.5"
  • Medium 30"-36"
  • Large 35"- 40"
  • X-Large 39"-45"


Hand wash
Air dry

We have had great response from both men and women with this particular design. This unit may be excellent for back problems, abdominal pain, and cramps along with utilizing the flex pads in other regions. 

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