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Deluxe Magnetic Back Belt

Deluxe Magnetic Back Belt

Magnetic therapy's magnetic back support is a durable magnetic back belt. You can use it daily. The front of the belt is 5 inches wide expanding to 6 inches wide in the back region. This magnetic flexible belt has 24 Bio North (-) health magnets each rated 1,000 gauss. The a half inch in diameter magnets are grid patterned providing maximum magnetic therapy energy for a large area of your back.


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Magnetic Therapy's magnetic back belt was designed with durability in mind for daily use under all conditions. The front of the magnetic back belt is 5" wide and expands to 6" wide in the back region. This magnetic back support is used for support in the lower back. The magnets provide magnetic energy to the muscles in the lower back.

Magnetic Therapy: 
This flexible magnetic back belt has 24 Bio North (-) health magnets facing your back. Each health magnet is 1,000 gauss surface strength rated. Each health magnet is a half inch in diameter and thickness and secured on the back in an energy enhanced grid pattern.

Magnetic Back Belt construction:

Nylon/Neoprene/Velcro closure.

This wonderful magnetic back belt also includes a small rear pocket, which may be used with hot, or cold packs (not included).

Provides magnetic back support

Most popular back belt we sell


Small 23-30 inch

Medium 27.5-34 inch,

Large 31-39.5 inch

X-large  35-43.5 inch

2x-large 38-49.5

By far, our most consistent top seller. Its lightweight construction makes you forget you even have this magnetic back belt on, and when worn under a shirt or blouse nobody else will as well. 

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