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Slim Magnetic Back Belt

Slim Magnetic Back Belt

Magnetic therapy's magnetic back support is a durable magnetic back belt. This back belt may relieve muscle pain, may increase energy, and may prevent injury. This magnetic belt has a slim design and not as cumbersome as some of the other magnetic back supports out there.

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The Magnetic Therapy magnetic belt is made from soft elasticized fabric and comes in 2 sizes with adjustable Velcro fastening. The magnets are placed in a North Pole sequence and are 1000 gauss strength magnets. This is the thinnest  magnetic back support available. This is an excellent belt to wear all day on the job, while you’re in the yard, or playing golf. It is very lightweight and discreet and can be worn beneath the shirt.

Magnetic Therapy: 

This magnetic belt has (12) 1000 gauss strength magnets.

This belt may relieve pain in the lower back area.

Provides magnetic back support


Large: 20-36 inches

X-Large: 33-40 inches

Magnetic Waist Belt construction Slim/Thin Design:

Soft elasticized fabric


Adjustable Velcro fastening

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