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Magnetic Hematite Bracelet

Magnetic Hematite Bracelet

Breast Cancer Awareness: Support the people you know who are fighting or survived breast cancer with this sterling silver magnetic bracelet with 4 hematite beads.

H-424 Breast Cancer


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Hematite is a natural substance made from iron ore. Hematite contains 70% iron ore and 30% oxygen. Hematite is a beautiful shiny black to silver mineral. Hematite magnetic bracelets can be used everyday for fashion or magnetic therapy. Magnets may help relieve pain such as arthritis, carpal tunnel, stiffness, muscle pain, and circulation to our outer limbs

Our breast cancer magnetic bracelet is a beautiful surface reflection of natural hematite. Hematite goes with everything in your wardrobe, and it's great for active people. Hematite magnetic bracelets are worn for fashion and magnetic therapy. This bracelet is very fashionable and supports the cause of fighting breast cancer. This hematite magnetic bracelet has (4) 800 gauss strength beads and (5) pink heart. These bracelets are easy to put on and take off; there are no tedious clasps.

  • 800 Gauss Rating per cube bead
  • Fits up to a size 7 inch wrist
  • 4 Hematite magnetic beads
  • 5 pink hearts
  • Flexi-cord

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